Corporate Consultation

Life Change Institute provides a unique approach to corporate consultation with the ability to speak to the impact of mental health and substance use on any organization big or small.  

Today’s companies from nonprofit, to public, to private corporations all share a desire for success and impact.  Life Change Institute utilizes a combination of clinical expertise and social awareness and reform to elevate any business.  We partner with companies to provide a number of services, including:

  • Leadership training and development
  • Corporate statistical analysis
  • Mental health awareness and education
  • Substance abuse care support and education
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion training
  • Confidential clinical services for all staff levels

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Life Change Institute believes life change can happen in the board room as much as it can happen in the home.  We have developed a number of different consultation packages to make it easier for companies to begin the necessary steps to strong clinical and corporate growth.  Feel free to choose a package here, or contact us to set up a time to meet and discuss how these packages can be modified to meet the needs of your agency.  

Diversity Package

  • 13-part monthly diversity training – 90min each. (Can be delivered monthly or semimonthly)
  • Pre/Post Survey and data analysis
  • 30-minute monthly leadership consultation
  • 2 available monthly confidential support sessions (1 Hr each, individual or group not to exceed 4 persons)

Starting at $900/month with signed 13-month contract
Upgrade with additional clinical services 

Supervision Package

  • 12 monthly clinical training sessions – 1hr/session (Varied MH/SA Topics)
  • Weekly supervision with LCSW or LPC- individual only
  • 30 minute monthly leadership consultation
  • Exam preparation for LCSW or LPC staff not receiving direct supervision (group exam prep only)

Starting at $800/month – Dependent on number of supervision slots
Contact us for package pricing

Our Current Corporate Partnerships include: