My vision is to see lives impacted by the work we do. Transformation is not easy, but it’s necessary. We take the things life has put before us along the way and we use it to take one more step into our calling – into our purpose. Contact us and let’s connect on how we can help you transform lives to what they were meant to be!

Please feel free to Email us if you have any general questions or requests about our services.

We will try our best to respond back to you within 24 hours.

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    Complaint Resolution
    We believe in the product we produce with all the Pillars Of Practice at Life Change Institute. It is our desire to ensure all service recipients are completely satisfied with the trainings, and supervision they receive. For such services, we want to provide the following:
    • Email us at detailing your concerns regarding the services you received. In this email, please be sure to outline the specific date and services received, and a copy of any verification of payment for such services
    • You will receive a response within 24hrs regarding your email, requesting a time to schedule to discuss the issue further
    • Upon completion of the scheduled meeting, if the issue has not been resolved, Life Change Institute will provide a 100% refund for services rendered on the identified date
    • Refunds will be provided via check to the party

    Confidentiality Statement
    Life Change Institute will ensure no information sharing for any participant of our trainings and speaking events. All information gathered in the registration process is used strictly for promotion within Life Change institute of future events exclusively. All information gathered is secured in a cloud-based storage system, and is only accessible by staff associated with event planning and marketing at our agency. Records of participation will only be stored for 5 yrs, in compliance with NBCC guidelines


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